Jake Mandel

Digital Portfolio

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My name is Jake Mandel. I'm an independent Web Designer in San Diego, California. You may know me from some of my past projects, the California Green Group (and it's branches) and Out Tech Your Kid.

The California Green Group was a non-profit I started in 2006. It was run by a board of 4 permanent members:

Mara Jacobs, President
Jake Mandel, Vice President of Operations
Gideon Amaniel, Head of Research
Ariel Smotrich, Head of Sales

The CA Green Group's goal was to spread awareness of global warming, as it was a major problem in 2006 (it still is now). When the California Green Group closed its doors in 2009, it had left behind a legacy: it had 3 schools install solar panels, started a recycling program at a middle school, and it had branched out into 3 more states:

The Arizona Green Group
The Oregon Green Group
The Michigan Green Group

Unfortunately, due to lack of funding, board members leaving and no more school support, it was forced to close down.

Another project I started was Out Tech Your Kid. Out Tech Your Kid was a business I started in late 2009. It was essentially a mobile tech school. You could learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. through Out Tech Your Kid. A small service on the side that I offered was Web Design. As summer 2011 approached, 100% of Out Tech Your Kid's services that were being bought were for web design.

I closed Out Tech Your Kid in July 2011, and became an independent Website Designer.

In January 2012, I interned at the United States Commercial Service, a branch of the United States Department of Commerce.